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Technical Questionnaires 1

22.03.2016 23:27

The Municipal Councillors Pension Fund (MCPF) requires that all applicants for this tender to submit a Development Plan demonstrating how they will discharge the commitment made in the Contractors Development Value Summary (CDVS). The CDVS is a detailed narrative document explaining the applicant plan guided by specific requirements

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Contractors commitments

22.03.2016 22:30

The applicants are required to submit their commitment with regard to the Construction Development initiative over the duration of this contract to supply the following to the Municipal Council’s Pension Fund (MCPF): Job Creation Small Business Promotion; and Rural Integration and Regional Development The applicant must address and commit to the above mentioned.

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Construction Development Guideline

22.03.2016 22:21

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1: What is the Municipal Councilors Pension Fund Construction Development? 2: Background and Guidance on the Construction Development Objective for Municipal Council Pension Fund 3: MCPF Development Objectives and Framework 4: Opportunities Identified by Small Constructors / Small Developer 5: High Level Descriptions 6: Market Intelligence Assistance 7: Market Intelligence Assistance

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Talk about bad timing…!

18.03.2016 05:54

Amidst a country visit by Moody’s, the global credit rating agency, ahead of their credit rating review on the country, what can only be described as a political circus has been playing out. The public spat between Finance Minister Gordhan, the SARS head Moyane and the Hawks has been overshadowed by the revelations from the Deputy Finance Minister that he...

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2016 MCPF National Pension Fund Forum

17.03.2016 12:28

The 2016 MCPF National Pension Fund Foru, took place from the 17 – 18 March 2016. Member reports MCPF National Report Back 2016 Combined Rule Amendments National Membership Movement Report 2011 to 2016 Novare – MCPF Member Report Back March 2016 Summary Actuarial Report for Member Meeting MCPF National Pension Fund Forum – Program 17-18 March 2016

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Catch MCPF Chairperson on eTV Sunrise on 15 March 2016 at 7:10am

14.03.2016 13:26

Catch MCPF Chairperson, Deputy Chair and Principal Executive Officer on ETV Sunrise on 15 March 2016 from 7:10 am. They will be talking about the National Pension Fund Forum Meeting to be held from 17 to 18 March 2016 at Birchwood  in relation to the following three key matters MCPF transformation , the preparation toward 2016 exits and election as...

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Helicopter Draghi!

14.03.2016 06:56

Mario Draghi left the pea shooter at home and arrived with a bazooka at the European Central Bank’s monthly meeting on Thursday, delivering more monetary stimulus than what was expected. He cut the deposit rate further into negative territory (from -0.3% to -0.4%), he expanded the amount of monthly asset purchases to €80bn from €60bn (allowing for the inclusion of...

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Request for proposal – MCPF Property Project Team

11.03.2016 07:34

The Municipal  Councilor’s  Pension Fund (MCPF) was established  on the 1st May 1988  in terms of the Pension Benefits for Local Authorities Act 105, 1987 as the only Fund to service the retirement needs of Municipal Councilors. The Fund is associated with almost all 278 Municipalities and is an autonomous body managed by a Board of 13 Trustees consisting of...

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