Death Benefits

Death Benefits

As from 01 June 2017 the following benefits are payable to the dependants / nominated beneficiaries. Please note that failure to contribute for 3 consecutive months will result in no insured death & funeral benefits. The 3 months you are not contributing, your premiums to the underwriter will be paid out of your member share which will result on the reduction of your member share.

Benefits payable to the dependents

As from 01 June 2017 the following benefits are payable to the dependents / nominated beneficiaries. All Councillors receive 3x final pensionable salary

The full death benefit is made up of your member share plus the insured benefit paid by the Insurer. Note that the insured benefit paid to the Fund by the Insurer may be zero if your contributions have not been paid over by your Municipality to the Fund on time or if your Municipality delays in informing the Fund of your death

Please note:

  • The level of the death benefit will be reviewed annually in respect of contributions that are available for this purpose, and could be reduced if the claims experience is adverse.
  • Since death benefits are insured, the Board of Trustees is subject to the conditions of the policy for the payment of the benefit, therefore the submittance of any claim must occur immediately in the prescribed manner.
  • Death benefit claims will not be considered after 6 months.

Death Benefit Claims Requirements

Please note that the Fund’s auditors require the following documentation to be submitted with all death benefit claims.

The following documentation must be submitted with each application of death benefits:

  1. Duly completed Application Form for Death Benefits
  2. Termination of Service Form
  3. Originally certified copy of the deceased’s identity document
  4. Originally certified copy of the deceased’s death certificate
  5. Originally certified copy of the applicant’s identity document
  6. Bank statement from applicant (confirmation of banking details)
  7. Affidavit and originally certified copy of the witness’s identity document
  8. Proof of marriage:
    Customary marriage – Letter from Tribal Chief confirming the marriage and lobola affidavit or registration of customary marriage Originally certified copy of legal marriage certificate
  9. Children’s birth/baptismal certificates.

If any of the above-mentioned certificates are not immediately obtainable, the above-mentioned forms should nevertheless be completed and returned to the Fund as soon as possible, together with whatever certificates are available, and a letter indicating the steps taken to obtain the outstanding certificates. All original documents submitted will be returned.

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