MCPF Membership

Membership is available to all serving Councillors

Join the Municipal Councillor’s Pension Fund

To join, Councillors must download the new membership application form from the website, complete and submit the form to your Human Resource Department for processing as well as to the Fund Administrators. In order to qualify for the full benefits, your first contribution needs to have been received by the Fund.

Your date of joining will however reflect as the 1st day of that respective month, even though your contribution will only be paid at the end of that month. Once the Fund has received your first contribution your membership card, certificate and member guide will be issued.

  • Open to all serving Councillors
  • No age limit
  • No Proof of Health is required
  • Membership of the Fund is compulsory for as long as the member is serving as a councillor. Re-elected members are deemed to be continued members.
  • Can be members of another Fund (Dual Membership)

For enquiries and more information contact us:

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