Fund communication is done in line with the current communications policy, and is executed by the MCPF. The Fund continually strives to improve the communication to its members and measures have been put in place to ensure this.

Media Centre

Our media centre provides members and visitors with useful information such as news, events and downloads.

Provincial Meeting

The Board of Management has resolved to hold provincial meetings within each province in order to update members at large on the developments in the Fund. This platform is also for the Board to interact with its members thus resulting in members having input on the future developments of this Fund.

During these events we will also provide members and the Municipalities with the MCPF Section 13 A Policy as well as the administration manual. We therefore appeal that all speakers adhere to this call and encourage the Councillors to attend these Fund events.



Newsletters are issued twice a year and are influenced by the number of meetings conducted by the Fund. Questions raised from the meetings are subsequently put together in a newsletter format thus ensuring that all members are updated.

Industry related news are also incorporated in order to ensure members are aware of industry developments and the impact to pension funds at large.