The impact of training and development on employee performance

The impact of training and development on employee performance

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A case study of a Local Municipality in South Africa.

In this swiftly changing world, the attainment and management of employee performance is increasingly becoming more complex particularly in public institutions (Benson, 2006).

There are continuous efforts and interventions that underpin public organizations to realise their pre-set objectives and similarly accomplish brilliance through gaining economical advantage.

Equally, employees are compelled to be more skilled, proficient, inventive, innovative, agile and use in formation effectively to fully demonstrate high performance in a most efficient manner.

The principal purpose of this study was to analyze the effects of training on employee commitment, retention and performance in a Local Municipality situated in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. Based on convenience sampling method, a total of one hundred and thirty employees were selected and participated in the study.

A questionnaire structured in a likertscale format w as employed to gather data on training, employee commitment, retention and performance. Data was analysed using SPSS statistical package. The Cronbach’s alpha of 0 .813 and the Keiser-Meyer-Olkin of 0.865 were obtained from the data analysed.

The findings derived from mu ltiple regression analysis using the ordinary least square s regression technique confirmed that; training has a significant effect on employee commitment, retention and performance enhancement within the local municipality examined.

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